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Welcome to 5 P’s Dog Training

Proper Preparation Prevents Problem Puppies

Person with a black lab in front of mountains.
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Our Story

Affordable & Customizable Training

At 5 Ps Dog Training we work with each dog individually to address exactly what that particular dog and family needs.  All dogs ar​e unique, so we believe in finding the best approach for training, sitting, and walks, based specifically on your dog and the needs of your family.​ We're a Colorado based business and are located throughout the Denver-Metro area down to Pueblo. 

Linnea started 5 Ps Dog Training in August of 2022, and soon hired on Ava as a helping hand. Our business has grown from training to overnight sitting and walking.

Find out more about our team below.

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The Crew

Trainers, Sitters, and Walkers!


Linnea Edwards - CO Springs to Pueblo

Head Trainer

Contact: 719-203-9668 &

"In 2015 I began raising service dogs for GDB, then pioneered 2 puppy raising groups for USVSD in Colorado. My commitment to this work is personal, as my significant other and family members are combat veterans. If you're interested in volunteering for our puppy raising program, feel free to reach out! I specialize in training puppies, emphasizing safe socialization, boundaries, and consistency. I stress the importance of finding the right dog for your family's lifestyle- ensuring a happy life for both you and your furry companion."


Ava Reyes - Denver Metro

Trainer/Pet-Sitter Manager 

Contact: 720-515-5283 &

"Since childhood, I've been involved with dogs. I began volunteering with GDB, and later joined United States Veteran Service Dogs in 2020. I was a puppy sitter for the club until May 2022 when I received Dunkin. He was my first service dog puppy in training. He'll graduate with his veteran this summer. I've been training and dog-sitting independently for two years, and I'm also experienced with cats, insects, chickens, goats, and horses. I'm always eager to meet new pups and enhance my abilities!"


Savannah Simich - Denver Metro


Contact: 720-295-5039 &

"I've been around dogs my entire life. Throughout the past 3 years, I've privately dog-sat across the Denver-Metro area. The reason I love pet sitting so much is because of the joy dogs bring into my life! Clients should expect me to treat their pups like my own!"


Haile Shedd - Parker 


Contact: 720-295-8414 &

"I've been working with dogs for the past 5 years. I got into training through GDB before I moved onto United States Veterans Service Dogs. I'm on my 4th puppy in training for USVSD. I love dogs and have a good understanding of them. I'm always looking for new opportunities to expand my knowledge and experience of them!"

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Debbi and Percy

Debbi - Littleton, CO

"I met Linnea while raising puppies with Guide Dogs for the Blind in 2018. She was always willing to help and very patient. Not only does she show you how to train a behavior, but she also explains it in terms you can understand.  We adopted one of our Guide Dog puppies when he was career changed. He has tons of energy and is very smart. We are always teaching him new things to keep his brain engaged. Linnea has been wonderful in helping me pick tasks and then teaching me how to train the dog. She is also very good at coming up with suggestions and advice when behavior shows up that I want to change or stop."

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